Rainbow Garden Village Guesthouse and Tours

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We welcome you at Rainbow Garden Village (RGV) Guesthouse, Ghana. Rainbow Garden Village lies in the middle of an unique and almost untouched subtropical environment at the Lake Bosumtwi near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. This lake is the only crater lake in whole West-Africa.

Luxuriant subtropical and almost tropic vegetation covers the region. The landscape around the 12km broad lake is embedded by a 450m high crater wall and has a fantastic variety of plants and animals. Because of this the lake and its surroundings have been declared as national park for plants and animals.

Directions: Kumasi - Lake Bosumtwe The best connection from Kumasi to the lake is trough Adum bus station. The small buses ( Tro Tro's) drive between 8 am and 7 pm. The Tro Tro won't bring you to the lake directly, but drops you off in Kuntanase, the district capital. From Kuntanase you easily get a connection to Abono. Abono is the gateway to lake and the main town at Lake Bosumtwe. Kumasi - Kuntanase 7,000 Cedis Kuntanase - Abono: 6,000 Cedis Abono - Rainbow Garden Village Guesthouse The Guesthouse is about 3,5 Km

Contact: Rainbow Garden Village Guesthouse Lake Bosumtwi / Anyinatiase Ghana / Ashanti phone: 00233 (0)243 230288 if no signal please write us a SMS

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