Monday, July 21, 2014
J D Fast Food which has become a household name in Accra is among the leading restaurants operating in the metropolis, with its patrons ranging from tourists, Ghanaians and other nationals.

The plush and healthy environment of the joint has every facility to take care of the entertainment needs its customers including a spacious car park and state-of-the-art security equipment.

On weekends and public holidays, JD Fast Food entertains its  customers with live-band music and colourful performances by cultural troupes from different ethnic groups in the country.

JD is the perfect location for holding meetings, conferences, business and social functions. Its goal is to ensure that at the end of the day, customers go back home relaxed and refreshed.

JD serves continental dishes like Fried Rice with Chicken, Potato Chips with Fried Chicken, Charcoal-grilled and fried  Chicken, Grilled Fish with Rice, Grilled Fish with Chips among others.

The restaurant also specializes in Ghanaian dishes like rice, yam and plantain with variety of stews, fufu and banku which are also served with a variety of soups.

Get to our webpage at www.jdfastfood.webs.com

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